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Content 60 vegetarian capsules


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The capsules are vegetarian. The casings are made from vegetable cellulose.
Content: 60 capsules

Moringa supports the overall resistance.
* Contains most vitamins and minerals.
* Can lower blood sugar.
* Can lower cholesterol.
* Reduces fat while building muscle.
* Stimulates the body’s immune system.
* Rejuvenates the body at the cellular level.

Curcuma has an anti-inflammatory effect.
* Good for your intestines and digestive system.
* It inhibits cancer.
* It lowers your cholesterol.
* It improves blood vessels and can prevent heart disease.
* Relieves rheumatism and osteoarthritis, arthritis and joint pain.
* Helps against chronic fatigue.

Ashwagandha known as a medicinal herb.
* It has anti-cancer properties.
* Helps reduce symptoms of depression.
* Helps to reduce stress.
* Helps stimulate testosterone and increase fertility in men.
* Helps improve brain function, including memory.
* Boost your libido.

Wheatgrass is known as the king of alkaline food.
* Contains an extremely high percentage of fibers.
* Provides protection for cells and tissue of your body.
* Helps skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.
* Very good for your digestion.
* Has a purifying effect on your liver.

Amla one of the most popular ayurvedic herb.
* It enhances food intake.
* Balances the heartburn.
* Nourishes the brain.
* Strengthens the lungs.
* Improves fertility for both men and women.
* Increases skin health, promotes hair growth.

The capsules are vegetarian. The casings are made from vegetable cellulose.

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Gebruik & Bewaren

2x daags 1 vegetarische capsule tijdens of na de maaltijd met water innemen. De aanbevolen dosering niet overschrijden. Koel, droog en afgesloten bewaren. Buiten bereik van kinderen houden. Een voedingssupplement is geen vervanging van een gevarieerde voeding.


Moringa blad poeder, kurkuma poeder, ashwagandha poeder, amla poeder, tarwegras poeder , Overige ingrediënten (hulpstoffen): Vegetarische cellulose capsule HPMC.


poeder 400 mg



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