Redi-Katun Tea leaves

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Content 40 grams

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The dried leaves can be pulled as tea and are effective in the following conditions:

-Works blood pressure lowering
-Improved the functioning of the kidneys
-Inhibits inflammation in the bladder and urinary tract

2x per day as a tea.
Do not exceed recommended daily dosage.

Warning: Not suitable for children.
Storage advice: In a cool dry and closed place, out of reach of children.

6 reviews for Redi-Katun Tea leaves

  1. Appreciation 5 from 5

    Steven -

    I have been using this product almost 2 weeks and I myself had been suffering from bladder infection for a while but now I have less problems !!

  2. Appreciation 5 from 5

    Ronnie -

    Definitely recommended for people who suffer from high blood pressure.

  3. Appreciation 5 from 5

    Zulaiga -

    Pure product and quickly handled / received.

    Tea works very well

  4. Appreciation 5 from 5

    Maria -

    Now I know why everyone gives the Redi-Katun Tea leaves a high review, I tried it myself and I am very happy with it !! 5 / 5 stars

  5. Appreciation 5 from 5

    James -

    Good product and I would recommend it to everyone.
    Thank you.

  6. Appreciation 5 from 5

    Luciano -

    Will be purchasing more soon. This tea is very healthy and it works amazing!

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