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Coconut water is a tasty and refreshing drink and a good thirst quencher. In addition, it is also very healthy.

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1. It contains few calories and helps you lose weight
Water naturally contains no calories. Coconut water contains few calories, namely 48 kcal per 250 gram. And that is considerably less than ordinary fruit juices. For example, orange juice supplies 115 kcal with the same amount. It hardly contains fat and it gives you a full feeling for a long time. So you can slurp in considerable quantities with confidence.

2. For a radiant skin
It is not for nothing that many care products have coconut oil or coconut fat as an ingredient. If you suffer from acne or other condition of the skin, the use of coconut water on the skin can help you cleanse, soften and moisturize your skin. But drinking it also makes your skin look good from the inside out. Coconut water helps you to remove waste products, resulting in a radiant skin. The vitamin C ensures the production of collagen, the substance that keeps your skin elastic and firm. With 250 ml of coconut water you get 10% of your daily requirement.

3. As a cure for a hangover
Little bit too drunk? Next time try some coconut water to calm your stomach. Moreover, with coconut water you quickly fill in the lost moisture and the lost substances that you have exhausted and perhaps have spit out.

4. Coconut water helps digestion
If you have problems with digestion, coconut water can offer a solution. The high concentration of fibers prevents clogging and reduces acid regurgitation and heartburn.

5. It hydrates your body
The composition of coconut water ensures that moisture in your body is supplemented much faster than, for example, sports or energy drinks. During or after exercise or other strenuous exercise, your body loses a lot of moisture salts and minerals. Both are quickly replenished by drinking coconut water.

6. Drinking coconut water helps lower blood pressure
Electrolytes are salts that occur both in and outside the body's cells. A certain balance must be in between. A disturbed balance can be the cause of increased blood pressure. Coconut water naturally contains these electrolytes. It is therefore recommended to drink coconut water in the morning to promote this balance.

7. Coconut water is rich in nutrients
Coconut water supplies you with many useful minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium and copper. All minerals that are important for your body. You need enough of it to keep your body, organs, brain and nervous system functioning properly. A glass of coconut water already provides a good share of your daily requirement.

Percentage of your daily requirement for minerals per 100 ml of coconut water

Potassium 5%
Magnesium 6%
Sodium 7%
Calcium 2,4%
Copper 4%
Vitamin C 4%

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