Sopropo oil 100ml

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A natural antibiotic, heals rash / eczema, cleans the blood. Toxins are removed from the blood.

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Good for diabetics
The bitter melon contains two phytonutrients that have the same effect in the body as insulin; regulating blood sugar levels. These are charantin and polypeptide P. This makes the vegetables an outcome for diabetes type 2 patients. Supropo improves glucose tolerance and significantly lowers the levels of sugar in the blood.

Against blood poisoning
Sopropo juice cleans the blood. Toxins are removed from the blood. Blood poisoning is a disease in which bacteria have entered the bloodstream.
These bacteria or the toxins they release cause an inflammatory response. By eating sopropo daily or drinking the juice, the bacteria disappear again.
In the West, antibiotics are often used to treat blood poisoning, but in some countries this is not available. Sopropo is a natural antibiotic.

Even more healing power
Some medicinal effects originate from substances that reside in the seeds. You do not have to throw this away when you bake the vegetables; you can just eat them and they become very soft.
The vegetable sopropo has been extensively researched for its medical applications. He works well to fight viruses.
He would even work against the AIDS / HIV virus. In laboratory setups, some phytonutrients have proven themselves to be a cancer cell fighter.
Some substances would trigger cancer cells to spontaneously end the life cycle, which is called apoptosis. In Togo the vegetable is used as a medicine against digestive problems.

instructions Bittermelon: external use, application to the skin where the irritation is visible including rash / eczema (morning / evening application).
instructions Bittermelon: internal use, after meals for diabetes (recovered / prevents diabetes).


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